Social media etiquette in business

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Social media can be a powerful tool for building an online presence, brand awareness and connecting directly with your customer. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to keep your audience engaged and happy.

Don’t just talk about yourself

Social media is about communication and nobody wants to constantly read about you or what you have to sell. A good rule to follow is for one third of your posts and tweets to be about your business and how your services can be of benefit but without a hard sales pitch. One third to be about industry related news and one third to be about general or personal subjects of interest and shared content.


If someone has taken the time to comment, good or bad, or has asked a difficult question, it is important to respond. It will show that you are interested in what your followers and fans have to say. If you have received negative feedback, try and find a way to resolve any issues and respond to them quickly.

Be nice and respectful

Remember that your online presence is a reflection of you and your business. So keep it positive and keep it nice.

Talk less, listen more

Don’t tweet or post too often and when you do, keep them short and too the point.

Be friendly

When replying to comments, refer to fans by their first name to be friendly and personable.

Don’t be angry

It’s never a good thing to comment when tired or if you’re having a bad day. You might say something that you’ll regret or that will show your brand in a bad light. So take a break and go back to it later after you’ve taken time to give it some thought.

Watch your p’s and q’s

It’s always best to compose your posts in a word processing document first so that you can check your spelling and grammar before publishing.

Be aware of the tone of the network

Different social media networks have different purposes and tones. Friendly, more casual content that you write for Facebook might not be relevant for the more professional tone of LinkedIn.


Do you have any tips on social media etiquette in business?

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